How Do You Fix a Hydraulic Chair?

To fix a hydraulic chair, such as a lifting office chair, remove and rebuild the lift mechanism that is located underneath the seat. Replacing the gas cylinder can keep a chair lifting and lowering properly.

Use the following steps to replace the gas cylinder on a hydraulic lift chair.

  1. Gather the necessary tools and supplies
  2. Required tools include needle-nose pliers and a pipe wrench. Necessary supplies are a new gas cylinder and a rust penetrant.

  3. Disassemble the assembly
  4. The lift assembly is located underneath the seat, so flip the chair over to access the assembly. A spring lift holds all of the components together, which is located at the very bottom of the chair, in the center of the wheel assembly. Once the spring clip is removed, start pulling off all of the attached components, including the wheel assembly, column, bearings, washers, rubber bumper and the trim bezel.

  5. Remove the cylinder
  6. Use a rust penetrant and a pipe wrench to remove the gas cylinder. To order the new gas cylinder, measure the existing gas cylinder's length without the piston rod, and measure across the width of the gas cylinder.

  7. Reassemble the assembly
  8. Reassemble all of the parts in the reverse order of how they were removed. Grease the bearings to lubricate them. Once the chair is assembled, push down on the seat to ensure the cylinder is installed in the correct location.