How Do You Fix Holes in Drywall?

How Do You Fix Holes in Drywall?

How Do You Fix Holes in Drywall?

To fix a drywall hole, attach a lid behind the hole for support, apply a patching compound over the hole, and let the compound dry. You need a putty knife, sandpaper, a pencil, a keyhole saw, a tin can lid, string, a wooden stick and a utility knife.

  1. Prepare a lid

    Select a tin can lid that is 1 1/2 inches wider than the hole. Use a keyhole saw to make two horizontal slits on each side of the hole. Make sure the slits match the diameter of the lid.

  2. Punch holes through the lid

    Punch two holes through the center of the lid, and insert 12-inch threading through the holes.

  3. Insert the lid

    Slide the lid through the hole, and use a stick to pull the lid against the wall. Twist the threading over the stick to secure the lid.

  4. Apply the putty

    Use a putty knife to apply patching compound to the hole. Make sure the compound reaches the slits, backing and interior of the hole. Avoid placing the compound on the wall. Remove the string and stick once the compound dries. Fill the patch with more compound, and allow the patchwork to dry. Sand and paint over the area.