How Do You Fix the Heating Coil in a Dryer?


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To fix a heating coil in a dryer, power off the dryer, detach the dryer vent and unscrew the top and bottom panelsso that the coil can be removed from the gas valve and replaced. It is usually located next to the thermal fuse, mounted to the can.

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When replacing a coil, remove the wires from the coil, thermal fuse and thermostat and remove the screws strapped to the can. The damaged coil then slides out and the new coil can be slid in and secured to the can with screws. The wires should be re-attached to the thermal fuse, thermostat and coil.

If there is a high-limit switch mounted on the frame of the coil, this also needs to be removed. Attach the high-limit switch to the new coil before sliding the unit back into the can and securing with screws.

Front-mounted coils should be replaced from the front panel of the dryer. Once the panel is removed, remove the wires on the coil and the screws that hold the coil inside the can. The damaged coil can be slid out and the new coil can be inserted in its place. The wiring and mounting screws need to be secured before re-assembling the dryer.

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