How do you fix a GE water dispenser?


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Fix a GE water dispenser by thawing out the frozen line. Remove the kick plate from the front bottom of the refrigerator, remove the line from the blue coupling, press in on the white ring, and press the lever. If no water dispenses, leave the door open for 30 minutes.

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Another way to fix a frozen line is to order a heater from GE with the part number WR49X10173. Install the heater by unplugging the refrigerator, taking off the control panel, and disconnecting the wires. Remove the screws keeping the housing in place, and install the heater beneath this tube to have it thaw the frozen line.

A water line may be frozen in the refrigerator's fresh food section. Examine this by opening the fresh food area and removing the vegetable bin. The water reservoir should now be visible. If it is frozen, use a blow dryer to heat the reservoir until the refrigerator can dispense water.

Another way to fix a GE water dispenser is to fix the water valve. Remove the large line going to the water valve and have someone else press the lever to dispense water. If no water comes out, the valve is faulty and must be replaced before water dispenses correctly.

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