How Do You Fix a Garbage Disposal?


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When dealing with a broken garbage disposal, there are many problems that might cause an issue. The most common problem is a clogged flywheel. To repair this problem, you need the offset wrench that came with the disposal.

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  1. Shut off power to the disposal

    Go to your home's fuse box, and shut off the switch that sends power to your disposal.

  2. Insert the offset wrench into the flywheel hole

    The flywheel is a disk inside your disposal that causes the blades to spin. On the underside of your disposal is a small hole that allows access to the flywheel with the help of an offset wrench.

  3. Turn the offset wrench clockwise

    This may take a little effort, depending on how badly the flywheel or impeller are stuck. When the clog has been dislodged, you should be able to feel it, and the flywheel should turn easily.

  4. Restore power to disposal

    Flip the power switch back on, but do not turn your disposal on yet.

  5. Press reset button

    Beneath your disposal, near the flywheel hole, there is a reset button. Press this button to restore your disposal.

  6. Finish clearing obstruction

    Run tap water into the disposal, then turn it on and off in a quick burst. Once you have done this twice, the obstruction should clear completely and wash down the drain.

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