How Do You Fix a Garage Door That Will Not Go All the Way Down?

How Do You Fix a Garage Door That Will Not Go All the Way Down?

To fix a garage door that will not go all the way down, check to see if something is blocking the path of the photo eye, check the photo eye alignment and check the balance and alignment of the door itself. Performing these simple checks might save a homeowner the expense of a professional service call.

A garage door that does not go down all the way leaves the home unsecured. There are a few checks a person can perform to try to fix the problem.

Step 1: See if there is an obstruction

Even a small corner of a box or the end of a skateboard is enough to keep the garage door from closing completely. Check to be sure the area directly underneath the door and around the photo eye is clear of any debris.

Step 2: Check the alignment of the photo eye

If the area is clear, the alignment of the photo eye may be off. There is an invisible beam connecting the two eyes. If the eyes are out of alignment or dirty, the beam will not connect.

Step 3: Check the door's balance and alignment

Disengage the door from the automatic opener. Open the door manually to see if it moves smoothly along the tracks. Stop the door at the midway point. If it slams down, the door is out of alignment and a professional should be called to remedy the problem.