How Do You Fix Frozen Pipes?

How Do You Fix Frozen Pipes?

Thaw frozen pipes by turning off the water supply, opening the tap the frozen pipe supplies and applying heat. Once you thaw the pipe, keep the area warm, and turn the tap to a slow drip to prevent it from freezing again.

  1. Turn off the water main

    Turn off the water main in case the ice blocking the water supply is hiding in a burst water pipe.

  2. Turn on the water faucet

    Turn on the faucet to relieve pressure caused by the ice. As the pipe starts to thaw, water may drip even though the water supply is off.

  3. Apply heat

    Use a blow dryer to heat the pipe. For larger sections of frozen pipe, direct an electric space heater towards the frozen area. Avoid using propane torches due to potential fire hazards.

  4. Turn on the water

    Once the pipes are warm and you are certain there are no burst pipes, slowly turn on the water supply. Watch the area for leaks, and immediately turn off the water if leaks appear.

  5. Prevent refreezing of pipes

    Keep applying heat to the area where the pipes froze. Turn the tap so water drips slowly from the faucet, and stop once the weather warms.