How Do You Fix a Frigidaire Ultra Quiet Dishwasher Leak?


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Dishwashers, including Frigidaire Ultra Quiet dishwashers, are known to occasionally leak. Locate and fix these leaks to prevent damage to the home. Gather a screwdriver, pliers, a flashlight, a small pocket level and a replacement door gasket, if necessary.

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  1. Check the hose connections

    In some cases, workers don't correctly tighten hoses during manufacturing or installation, causing new dishwashers to leak. At other times, clamps become loose due to movement as the machine operates. Remove the access panel, and use the flashlight to check for drips while the machine is operating. Disconnect the power before attempting to make any repairs or reach under the machine. Check the connections where hoses attach to the machine and the drain. If clamps are loose, tighten or replace them.

  2. Use the level

    Dishwashers use a float mechanism to stop the water when it reaches the set level for operation. If the machine is not level, water on one side becomes higher than the float level and drips from the machine. Use the pocket level to check the sides of the machine to determine if it is level. If you discover a problem, adjust the legs on the front of the machine so that the sides are level.

  3. Replace the door gasket

    As machines age, the rubber gaskets can develop cracks and leaks. If there are visible problems, install a new gasket.

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