How Do You Fix a Flooded Lawn Mower?

How Do You Fix a Flooded Lawn Mower?

In order to fix a flooded lawn mower, the gas filter needs to be dried. This can be done by waiting for it to dry or by manually drying it. Other fixes include adjusting the float in the gas bowl and adjusting the choke.

Use the following steps to get a flooded lawn mower up and running again:

  1. Access the filter
  2. Check to see if the gas filter is soaked with fuel to make sure the problem is actually a flooded engine. To do this, remove the cover from the filter box using a screwdriver. The filter is not fitted into the box in any way, so it will simply lift out.

  3. Let it dry
  4. Leave the gas filter to dry before trying to start the mower again. If it is left exposed to the sun and air, it will dry more quickly. Once the filter is dry, ensure that the filter box cover is replaced.

  5. Manually dry
  6. As long as the filter is not made from paper (which some are), squeeze the excess fuel from it to speed up the drying process.

  7. Other checks
  8. If the lawn mower is flooding more than usual, there are other things to check. This includes adjusting the level of the float in the gas bowl, although this is not possible on all machines. Also, check and adjust the choke, making sure it is not set too high.