How Do You Fix an Exterior Door?

How Do You Fix an Exterior Door?

Homeowners can fix an exterior door problem using a screwdriver, sandpaper, lubricant, auto body filler, scraper, caulk and weather strips. Most problems can be fixed within a couple of hours.

Transform a front door from a dented mess with a few quick fixes. Homeowners should start by examining the door and taking note of areas that need fixing.

Fix a sticking door

Remove the door from its hinges and thoroughly clean around the sides and hinges with soapy water. Scrub the pin for the hinges with a small amount of silicone lubricant. If this doesn't work, check that the door is level. If not, sand down the side of the door that is sticking against the frame until it opens smoothly.

Repair dents

Sand down the paint around the dented areas. Apply a mixed auto body filler to the dents until filled in and slightly rounded. Allow the filler to dry. Sand flat with fine grit sandpaper. Prime the dents and allow to dry. Paint the door to look like new.

Stop drafts

Examine the door to locate where the draft is coming in. This is usually along the bottom of the door. Apply a thin piece of weather stripping to the underside of the door to close narrow gaps. Screwing in a piece of weatherboard over the opening can cover larger gaps. Scrape away and replace any old, cracked caulk along the door.