How Do You Fix the Error Code "SL" for a Whirlpool Calypso Washing Machine?


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Fix a code SL on a Kenmore Calypso front-loading washing machine by pressing the stop/cancel button and forwarding the cycle to spin. Start the machine again without detergent, and allow it to progress through the cycle to remove the extra suds, the cause of the suds lock. Prevent the problem in the future by using HE detergent.

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  1. Clear the code

    Press the stop/cancel button on the machine. This clears the error code and allows the machine to proceed.

  2. Check for blocked drain lines

    Look behind the machine to determine if there are kinks in the drain hose. Adjust hoses as necessary to eliminate any problems. Check other fixtures in the area to ensure proper drainage, confirming the code is not due to a plumbing problem.

  3. Advance the machine

    Advance the machine to the final spin cycle. If the machine stops during the spin cycle and displays the SL error code, advance it to the start of a cycle. Do not add more detergent at this time. Allow it to fill with water to dilute the suds and progress through the cycle normally.

  4. Call for help

    If the machine continues to display the SL error, call for appliance diagnosis and repair. Sometimes this error indicates a problem with the pump, requiring professional assistance.

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