How Do You Fix an Echo Leaf Blower?

How Do You Fix an Echo Leaf Blower?

To fix an Echo leaf blower, disconnect power supply to the blower, take out its extension pipes, undo the pipe lock, and remove objects that block the upper pipe and the casing of the fan. Also, connect the upper pipe and the extension hose tightly and connect the upper and lower pipes securely. Check if the amount of gas is adequate and replace old gas.

Begin fixing an Echo leaf blower by pressing the button that reads Power on the unit's side to disconnect power supply to the blower. Then, take out the extension pipes made of plastic that are connected to the hose of the blower.

Now, look for the pipe lock located between the fan casing and upper pipe of the blower and release it using a screwdriver. Check if any objects are blocking the upper pipe and the casing, remove them and reconnect the pipe and the casing.

If the flow of air via the pipes is not adequate, ensure that the extension hose and the upper pipe are connected tightly. To secure the upper and lower pipes, slide the latter on the former and turn in a clockwise direction.

To ensure that sufficient gas is present for operating the blower, examine the gas tank located on the blower's side. If the gas has remained in the tank for over a month, remove it using a suction hose and add fresh gas in the tank.