How Do You Fix a Doorbell?


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Fixing a doorbell involves removing the push button, using a circuit tester, disconnecting the wires and sanding the terminals. The bell cover also should be removed and cleaned if the bell produces a humming noise once the wires are connected.

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The first step in repairing a doorbell is using a screwdriver to remove the face plate from the wall. Be careful not to touch the wires when removing the push button from the door jamb. Next, determine the amount of voltage that flows through the wires by using a circuit tester. If the voltage level is 220 volts, turn off the main power switch, and change the transformer.

If there's no problem with the voltage, detach the wires from the push button, and hold the insulation while connecting the wires. The push button is likely the source of the problem if the doorbell makes a sound.

Use fine-grit sandpaper to polish the push button’s terminals. Then, reconnect the wires using fresh wire ends. Press the button, and see if the doorbell generates a sound. If it does, then the interior of the push button possibly has a problem, and the push button should be replaced. Clean all parts of the bell with a cotton swab and a vacuum cleaner. If all else fails, contact a professional doorbell repairman for help.

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