How Do I Fix a Door That Won't Close Properly?

fix-door-won-t-close-properly Credit: Carmen Martínez Banús/Vetta/Getty Images

A door may pull away from the hinges because of its weight or an unaligned strike plate. Swelling or settling of the house may also cause doors to shut improperly. Repairing it ensures a proper fit.

  1. Tighten the hinge screws

    Open the door and locate the hinge screws. Starting at the top, tighten the hinge screws with a screwdriver. If any screws are loose and fail to tighten, insert a wooden stick into the hole, wedging it between the screw and the hinge. Test the door when all screws are tight. Adjust if needed.

  2. Secure the jamb to the framing

    Locate the point where the door sticks. Drive a finishing nail into the jamb at this point, drawing the jamb closer to the framing. Use a nail punch to sink the nail. Fill the hole with wood putty. Sand and paint the patched hole.

  3. Plane the door

    Mark the point on the door that is sticking with a piece of tape. Remove the door from the hinges. Place the door on a pair of sawhorses. Plane the marked area with a hand plane. Sand away any roughness and touch up with paint. Rehang the door.

  4. Align the strike

    If the strike is out of alignment, unscrew it from the jamb. Fill in the area with epoxy putty. Finish by reinstalling the strike.