How Do You Fix a Door Boot Seal on a GE Front-Load Washer?


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To replace the door seal, it is necessary to remove the top and front panels on most front-load washing machines. Any wiring, such as the door switch, must be disconnected to remove the panels. The boot seal can be installed in about an hour using basic tools such as a screwdriver.

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  1. Remove the outer panels

    Unplug the washer and disconnect the water hoses. Remove the top and front panels of the washer according to the instructions in the owner's manual. Typically, it is necessary to remove the detergent dispenser and drain pump cover to lift the panels off the machine. Disconnect any wiring, such as the door switch and control panel wiring, as needed.

  2. Remove the boot seal

    After removing the top and front panels, open the door and remove the spring on the seal with spring pliers or a screwdriver.

  3. Install the new door boot seal

    Remove the counterbalance located at the bottom of the boot seal. Next, install the new seal, making sure its lines are properly placed. Replace the counterbalance and springs.

  4. Reassemble the machine

    Replace the panels in reverse order. Finally, reconnect the control panel, door switch and any other wiring that was disconnected during the repair.

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