How Do You Fix a Dishwasher That Is Not Cleaning?

How Do You Fix a Dishwasher That Is Not Cleaning?

How Do You Fix a Dishwasher That Is Not Cleaning?

To repair a dishwasher that isn't cleaning properly, it is often necessary to clean the detergent dispenser, spinning arms or inlet valve. Increasing the water pressure to the appliance and using powdered detergent can help ensure dishes are clean. Cleaning the dishwasher can typically be completed in under an hour.

  1. Clean the detergent dispenser

    Clean the dispenser with hot water to remove old detergent, and switch brands of detergent if the current brand is a tablet or gel. High-quality, powdered detergent is recommended to ensure the detergent cleans properly.

  2. Clean the spinning arms

    The spinning arms can become clogged with food over time. Remove each spinning arm, and clean it thoroughly with hot water. Then reinstall the arm.

  3. Increase the water pressure

    Turn the water pressure up slightly, and run the dishwasher as usual to determine whether lack of water is causing the issue.

  4. Clean the inlet valve

    Turn off the water to the dishwasher, and disconnect the power source to check the inlet valve. The valve is typically located behind the front access panel. Remove the panel, and then disconnect the water line that is connected to the valve. Check the valve with a multi-meter, and replace it if it doesn't perform as expected. Clean the valve if the multi-meter indicates it is working properly, and reattach the water line.