How Do You Fix a Dirt Devil Vacuum?

fix-dirt-devil-vacuum Credit: rwkphotography/CC-BY-2.0

To repair a Dirt Devil vacuum, clean the hose attachment and roller brush, and remove and replace the vacuum bag if it is full. Replacing the belt that operates the vacuum may be necessary. Most Dirt Devil repairs can be completed in less than an hour.

  1. Clean the hoses and brush roller

    If the vacuum isn't picking up dirt after heavy use, remove the attachment hose, and clean it thoroughly to remove blockages. Remove and clean the roller brush, and check the small hole that leads to the vacuum bag from the roller brush for debris.

  2. Empty the vacuum

    Remove and replace the vacuum bag, or empty and replace the container if the vacuum is bagless.

  3. Replace the belt

    The belt is typically located on the roller brush and can be replaced as needed. To determine whether the brush is damaged or broken, open the guard that covers the roller brush, and lift the roller brush out of the vacuum body. The belt should be located on the far side of the brush and connected to a wheel at the back of the vacuum. Place the belt in the proper position if it has slipped off, or replace it with a new belt if damage is present.