How Do You Fix a Dehumidifier?


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In order to fix a dehumidifier, clean and vacuum the coils in the dehumidifier, check the screw on the fan shaft, and replace the fan motor or blades to remedy the common reasons for a disabled dehumidifier. If these steps don’t fix the humidifier, a service technician should be consulted for final remedy.

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How Do You Fix a Dehumidifier?
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The first step in fixing a dehumidifier should be to clean vacuum the coils to remove the large amount of dust that they collect. This prevents any freezing that could occur from dirty coils. A loose screw on a fan shaft is a common occurrence; tightening the fan shaft often fixes a dehumidifier. If the fan motor is revolving at low turns per minute, replace the fan motor to solve the problem.

One or more bent fan blades should be replaced to prevent motor damage. A fan should only be replaced by using the manufacturer name and model number of the unit to find the appropriate fan. The front panel should then be taken off, and remove the motor if necessary. Then, the set screw in the blade hub should be loosened to pull off the bent blade. After replacing the blade, the blade hub should be tightened along with the set screw.

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