How Do You Fix a Danby Kegerator?


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To fix a Danby Kegerator, first isolate the problem. Common difficulties with Danby Kegerators include too much beer foam, not enough beer foam, low or no beer flow, or poor smell or taste of the beer.

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Too much foam or head to the beer may indicate excessive agitation when transporting the keg. Allow the keg to stand for two to four hours before tapping it. If the keg is standing in a warm place for too long, allow it to cool before attempting to pour beer.

Check that the pressure reading is 10 to 12 psi, and be sure to use correct drawing technique when dispensing beer. If dispensed beer has no or low foam, check that the pressure reading is not too low and the CO2 cylinder is full. Clean glassware thoroughly, as if the glassware is not clean enough, oil residue rapidly dissolves foam.

Low or no beer flow may indicate that the CO2 cylinder or keg is empty. Check for obstructions in the dispenser and air lines. Check that the regulator and CO2 cylinder shut-off valves are both open. If the beer has a strange taste or smell, the keg may have exceeded its expiry date or the dispensing system may need cleaning. Clean the dispensing faucet before each use or once a week if used often, and clean the dispensing line every other keg or every three weeks.

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