How Do You Fix a Cracked Door Frame?

Fixing a cracked door frame properly largely depends on the severity of the crack. If the door has a small crack that is simply cosmetic in nature, it can be filled with a bit of wood putty and covered with a little paint or varnish. If the crack is larger, the project will be a little more labor intensive.

If the door has a more serious crack, the steps below should be followed:

  1. If the frame molding happens to be loose, it will need to be held into its proper configuration. The best way to do this is to take a small finishing nail and hammer it behind the frame so it can remain in its proper position without falling away.
  2. Once the molding is in place, the wood putty can be used to fill in the larger crack. Take sandpaper to the substance after it dries and hardens. This will make the filling flush with the rest of the frame.
  3. Use a work rag to wipe off the loose dust and pieces of putty.
  4. Apply a smooth and even layer of paint.

If the crack in the door frame ends up being too wide, it may need to be replaced with a brand new door frame. However, the homeowner should guarantee that the crack cannot be fixed using the DIY method, as replacing a door frame can be somewhat expensive.