How Do You Fix Clogged Septic Tank Field Lines?

Shocking the septic system with bacteria, reducing water usage or contacting a septic tank professional are the best ways to fix clogged septic tank field lines. Unclogging a septic tank field can be very difficult and expensive. Preventing clogging by maintenance and proper septic disposal use is the best approach.

Septic systems work by using bacteria to breakdown about 50 percent of the solid waste material introduced into the tank. Incoming water flushes dissolved solids into the septic field. Harsh chemical cleaning products washed or flushed down the homes drains can kill off the bacteria necessary for the process to function. Commercially available bacteria packets flushed down the toilets can re-establish a working balance. Septic experts recommend doing so once a month, but more may be necessary for already-clogged systems.

Excessive water flushed into the system can push undissolved solid waste out of the septic tank and clog the lines in the drain field. Water usage must be restricted to allow the field to dry out and function normally. Evenly disbursing high water use activities like laundry, dish-washing and bathing throughout the day can help.

Some clogs may require a septic professional to drain the septic tank and dig trenches in the field to re-establish proper septic tank field flow.