How Do You Fix Chinch Bug Damage?

fix-chinch-bug-damage Credit: jacinta lluch valero/CC-BY-2.0

Chinch bugs can wreak havoc on a lawn. While prevention is crucial, repairing the damage done by these bugs makes lawns and yards look lush and green again. To fix the damage, try watering or reseeding, and don't forget an insecticidal application.

  1. Water damaged grass

    Grass that has not been killed by chinch bugs, only damaged, often repairs itself with extra watering. Because chinch bugs are active in the summer when grass is already stressed by heat and water loss, the additional water gives the grass what it needs to re-grow. Keeping grass healthy prevents chinch bug attacks, and giving it even more water replenishes the juices sucked out by the pests.

  2. Reseed dead areas

    If chinch bugs have done so much damage that the grass dies, reseeding is the best way to make the lawn look good again. Try a variety of grass that is resistant to chinch bugs and the damage they cause. Remember to water carefully, and check planting guides to determine the best time to seed, feed and treat the lawn.

  3. Apply insecticides to the lawn

    To prevent more damage, kill the chinch bugs present in the grass. Use an insecticide over the entire lawn as often as recommended to kill the bugs, their eggs and their larvae. Keeping the pest population down reduces the need to repair damage done by these creatures.