How Do You Fix a Chain Hoist?


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To fix a chain hoist with motor issues, check the voltage. If the motor is not running, examine the voltage at the command terminals and digital inputs. Also verify that it is on the correct control setting and that the motor cable connection is secure. If the motor is running but doing so poorly, check the voltage at the lowdown limit switch input and digital inputs. Also check the load limit, speed parameters and motor brake status.

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If the chain hoist's motor or brake overheats, try limiting the frequency of use. Verify that both the voltage and frequency of the power supply used are compatible with the hoist. Mind the external temperature; if it rises above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, ventilation or shielding from the heat source may be required.

If the chain hoist refuses to lift or lower, ensure the emergency stop button is not employed and the mainline switch is turned to the "on" position. Check for a blown fuse, and if none are found, allow the motor to cool down and try again. If it still refuses to lift or lower, ensure the pendant plus pin is sticking out and the contractor terminal screws are sufficiently tightened.

If the hoist lifts, but does not lift a particular load, reduce the load. If reducing the weight does not solve the problem, check the clutch for slipping or wear and ensure the brake is releasing fully when in use.

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