How Do You Fix a Burn on a Leather Couch?

Required materials to fix a burn spot on a leather couch include a utility knife, a canvas swatch, leather glue, tweezers, a palette knife, sandpaper, leather filler, a grain pad and leather dye. Many hardware stores sell these items together in a leather repair kit.

  1. Cut out the burn

    With the utility knife, cut out the burn by either taking off just the surface leather or removing the entire swatch if the burn goes through to the padding.

  2. Insert the canvas swatch

    If you are removing the burnt leather entirely, glue a canvas swatch inside the hole with leather glue. Use tweezers to place the canvas and a palette knife to apply the glue.

  3. Fill the hole with leather filler

    Coat the hole with one layer of leather filler. Dry the filler with a hairdryer. Repeat until the scarred area is even with the rest of the leather. Sand to level it. Use two coats for an only partially removed spot and four coats for a completely removed burn.

  4. Apply a grain pad

    Place a grain pad on the newly filled area to match it to the texture of the rest of the leather. Sand the spot again if necessary.

  5. Dye the fixed patch

    Gently apply the leather dye to the filler and the surrounding area to even out the color.