How Do You Fix a Broken Toilet Flange?

How Do You Fix a Broken Toilet Flange?

How Do You Fix a Broken Toilet Flange?

Repair a broken toilet flange by removing the toilet, cutting away the old flange, installing a replacement flange and reinstalling the toilet. Individuals with moderate to advanced do-it-yourself skills are able to complete the task in an afternoon.

  1. Remove the toilet

    Turn off the water supply valve and flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible. Disconnect the water supply and remove the closet bolts from the base of the toilet. Remove the toilet. Stuff some old rags into the drain to prevent sewer gas from escaping into the home.

  2. Cut away the old flange

    Determine if the plumber mounted the old flange inside or outside the pipe. For outside-mounted flanges use a hammer and a hacksaw to break and cut away the flange. Use a power drill and appropriately sized hole saw to cut the inside-mounted flange from the pipe.

  3. Install the replacement flange

    Install a replacement two-piece PVC flange with a rubber gasket. Align the slots for the closet bolts so they are parallel to the wall and tighten the screws to expand the gasket. Attach the flange to the floor with screws.

  4. Reinstall the toilet

    Remove any remnants of the wax ring from the toilet. Install a new wax ring and place the toilet. Tighten the closet bolts and attach the water line. Turn on the water and check for leaks.