How Do You Fix a Broken Door Frame?


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In order to repair a broken door frame, remove the broken pieces from the jamb and glue back into place, and then repair with a kit or fill the holes with an auto body filler. After the repair is completed, sand the jamb smooth and re-install the door.

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In order to repair a broken door frame:

  1. Remove the door
  2. Remove the door from the frame by unscrewing the hinges.

  3. Reassemble the jamb
  4. Wear gloves and take care not to get any splinters. Remove all of the broken pieces from the jamb and use carpenter's glue to reattach the broken pieces to the jamb.

  5. Tap the pieces into place
  6. Place a wood block onto the glued pieces and use a hammer to tap the block. This pushes the broken pieces back into place tightly. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving to the next step.

  7. Sand
  8. After the glue is dry, sand the jamb with 80-grit sandpaper.

  9. Repair the jamb
  10. At this point, either install a door jamb replacement kit or fill the gaps with auto body filler. If using the auto body filler, protect the floor with a drop cloth and mix the auto body filler. Apply the filler to the jamb using a putty knife. Allow the filler to dry.

  11. Finish
  12. Sand the dried filler until smooth and re-install the door and hardware.

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