How Do You Fix Bi-Fold Closet Doors?

How Do You Fix Bi-Fold Closet Doors?

How Do You Fix Bi-Fold Closet Doors?

Bi-fold closet doors have a tendency to jump their tracks. The pins or rollers should be adjusted to maintain a properly working bi-fold door. This task requires an adjustable wrench and should take less than 30 minutes.

  1. Clean the bottom track

    Clean dirt and debris that has accumulated from the bottom track. Check to see if this fixes the problem before continuing.

  2. Center the top roller over the track

    Observe the action of the roller on the top inside edge of the door as you open and close it. If the roller is not centered on the track, pull it down and release it. This should cause it to fall into place.

  3. Insert the pins in the pin bracket holes, and adjust the gap

    Inspect the pins at the top and bottom outside corners of the bi-fold door. If a pin is resting sideways on a bracket, pull the pin toward the bi-fold door, centering and releasing it. Lift the pin from the bracket to adjust the gap from the outside edge of the door to the vertical edge of the pinned side of the door. There should be a 1/16 inch gap.

  4. Center the bottom roller over the track

    Remove the bottom roller from the track by pulling up on it. Center it over the track and release it, allowing it to fall into place.