How Do You Fix Your Bathroom Drains?

How Do You Fix Your Bathroom Drains?

Bathroom drains that stop working may be fixed with an unclogging solution, a wet/dry vacuum or boiling water. A drain that stops working completely should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid risking a burst pipe.

Whether the clogged drain is the sink or bathtub, different methods can work well on loosening and removing things like hair and grease, allowing the drain to work well again.

Many large grocery stores and home improvement stores sell unclogging solutions such as Drano. Use these solutions according to the manufacturer's directions for best results. However, unclogging a drain does not always require using dangerous chemicals.

Alternatively, boil some water in a kettle on the stove and pour it in stages down the drain slowly, allowing each stage to work for a few seconds before adding more water.

A wet/dry vacuum is also an effective way of fixing bathroom drains. Use the steps below to fix a drain using this type of vacuum.

  1. Set the vacuum
  2. Set the vacuum to its liquid setting.

  3. Cover the vent
  4. Cover the vent to prevent splashing.

  5. Create a tight seal over the drain
  6. Create the tightest seal possible above the drain. Use an old plunger head, if necessary.

  7. Use the vacuum
  8. Turn on the vacuum and remove the clog.

Other ways to fix a clogged drain include using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, using a bent wire hanger to scoop out the clog or using a drain snake.