How Do You Fix the Automatic Ice Dispenser in a Maytag Refrigerator?


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To fix an automatic ice dispenser in a Maytag refrigerator, clean the icemaker bin, change the water filter, and flush the filter if the ice is stale or speckled. If no ice is produced, position the icemaker arm correctly, and clean any blockages in the dispenser, according to eHow.

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If the ice made by the automatic ice dispenser of a Maytag refrigerator has a stale taste and odor, clean the icemaker bin, and replace the water filter. Check the filter indicators to see if a replacement is required. Normally, the icemaker water filters have a shelf-life of 6 to 12 months. Place baking soda in a container in the freezer and refrigerator for better odor control.

If the ice cubes formed contain black specks, flush the water filter with fresh water for approximately five minutes. Black specks on ice are caused by charcoal used in the icemaker water filters. Also, clean any blockages in the dispenser that may affect ice quality.

If the Maytag automatic ice dispenser makes no ice, check if the arm of the icemaker is in the down position and if the water supply is turned on. Lower the temperature in the freezer if the ice formed is watery.

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