How Do You Fix an Air Compressor Hose?


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Fixing an air compressor hose begins with determining the extent of the damage. Cut the damaged part with an appropriate cutting tool such as an X-Acto knife, throw it away and then check the ends of the hose you have cut to ensure they have clean square cuts. Hold the two sections of the hose using a hose clamp, and insert the hose ends over the brass coupling.

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  1. Cut the damaged part

    Cut the hose above and below the damaged part using a safe cutting tool. If you are repairing a crimp, cut the hose above it, and remove the remaining piece from the nipple. Remove and throw away the damaged parts. Check the ends of the hose section, and ensure there are clean square cuts.

  2. Reinsert the hose nipple

    Insert one end of the hose nipple followed by the other end over the brass coupling that comes with an air compressor repair kit. Slide a hose clamp over the two ends of the two hose sections. If the pieces fail to align as expected, you can use several pairs of pliers to put them firmly into place.

  3. Affix the spring

    Secure the hose ends in place by tightening the clamps before affixing the springs. Keeping the springs in place protects the hose from damages such as crimps. The best way of affixing the spring is by use of a dab of a shoe goo product. Failure to affix the springs leads to leaks.

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