How Do You Fit a Wall-Hung Toilet?

How Do You Fit a Wall-Hung Toilet?

Fitting a wall hung toilet requires at least two people. These toilets are heavier than floor-mounted models. You will need 2x6 studs, the mounting hardware, towels, cap nuts, washers, flexible water hose, compression fittings, gaskets, a wrench and a screwdriver.

  1. Prepare the wall

    The toilet must be attached to studs that are a minimum of 21/8 inches thick. If necessary, add 2x6 studs to the framing to support the toilet. Drill holes into the support studs at the appropriate height.

  2. Attach the bowl to the supports

    Use the cap nuts and washers to affix the bowl to the studs. Connect the gasket to the waste tube and the bowl to the sewer pipe.

  3. Install the tank on the bowl

    Place the tank onto the bowl. Adjust the rubber toilet gasket and the rubber gaskets between the screws and bolts. Screw the bowl down to the tank, insuring a strong fit.

  4. Connect the water supply and test the toilet

    Attach a flexible hose to the water supply with compression fittings. Connect the other end to the toilet tank. Check for leaks. Flush the toilet to make sure it works properly, and sit on the toilet to make sure it supports weight. Caulk around the toilet for a finished look.