How Do You Fit a Tumble Dryer Vent?


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The fitting of a tumble dryer vent starts by ensuring that the water supplies are turned off at the mains and that all water remaining in the piping is allowed to drain away. This is accomplished by running a tap until no more water comes out of the pipe. After this comes fitting the back end of the vent into the tumble dryer.

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The back of the tumble dryer needs to be removed for the pipe to go in. The connections that need to be used vary from one model of washing machine to another and are usually indicated in the machine's manual. One must ensure the part is secure inside of the vent washing machine coupling before going forward. A pipe can then be fitted into the vent and directed to where the exhaust port is going to be. To open this exhaust port from the pipe to the outdoors, a combination of a drill and hammer must be used; the initial hole is made using a drill, then the hole is widened using a hammer. The other side of the vent is placed through the wall, and the exhaust assemblage at the other end is covered with caulk to provide an airtight seal.

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