How Does a First Alert Safe Work?


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The First Alert safe works on the principle of a programmable passcode to ensure safety. It uses a digital lock initially programmed with a factory code. In addition, the safe has a built-in solenoid deactivation safety device to open the safe and prevent it from locking prior to the completion of the first-time activation.

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The First Alert safe is battery-operated and uses an electronic digital lock mechanism. There is a protective cover over the keypad. The electronic keypad lock allows the user to program a personal three- to eight-digit passcode. The design of the digital lock enables its use in conjunction with the entry key.

After entering the passcode into the digital lock, the entry key operates the live bolts of the safe. To secure the door, either use the digital lock by leaving the entry key in the keyhole or remove it for an additional level of security.

The safe is designed so that the system locks the keypad in case the user enters incorrect codes into the keypad multiple times. The basis of the locking system's activation is pressing in the locking push-button that in turn causes the bolts of the live door to extend out and snap into the lock position. The pry-resistant hinges provide a higher security.

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