What Are Some Fireproof Materials?

Fire-resistant glass for windows, concrete, stucco, gypsum and brick are some fireproof materials. Mineral wool and glass wool are also commonly used fireproofing materials as they have high melting temperatures, don't conduct heat easily and are noncombustible.

Fireproof materials reduce the speed at which heat flows through the material. No material, however, is completely fireproof as all materials burn when they reach a certain temperature.

Hard heat resistant materials such as fire clay, cement and bricks are known as refractories and are used in furnaces and thermal or electrical insulation. Fireproof fiberglass is made primarily of glass and sand and is bonded to create a strong, durable fireproof material. Gypsum, also known as drywall, is layered between paper and treated to be fire resistant. Since its core has chemically combined water, gypsum doesn't contribute to fire spread, and fire and heat penetration is impeded.