What Are Some Fireplace Remodeling Ideas?

What Are Some Fireplace Remodeling Ideas?

Fireplace remodeling ideas include replacing old brick with more exciting fireplace surroundings, changing out traditional fireplaces for wood stoves, incorporating firewood storage into the design and adding mantels and shelving. Outdoor fireplaces can also be remodeled to add flair to a backyard or deck.

Some people feel that brick fireplaces are outdated and even a little boring. Strip out the brick, and replace it with rustic stone for a warm look. Glass tiles and mosaics can also update a brick fireplace with no real construction work required.

It's fairly easy to swap a fireplace for a wood stove because the chimney is already in place. Wood stoves are very efficient at heating, and some models can even be used to heat an entire house.

Every owner of a wood-burning fireplace needs somewhere to store all of the wood. Consider creating open wood storage underneath or on either side of the fireplace to create a rustic look that is also functional. When an old fireplace is installed as an ultra-modern or purely functional unit, adding a mantelpiece and additional shelving over the fireplace is a great way to add decorative space and make a room feel less bleak.

Consider adding a double-sided, indoor-outdoor fireplace. With pre-planning, these fireplaces can be installed surrounded by windows for a dramatic, modern look.