What Are Some Fireplace Designs?


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Some fireplace designs include hearth fireplaces, stand-alone fireplaces and modern fireplaces. Other designs of fireplaces include traditional mantels, vintage hearths, rustic impressions or even storage fireplace designs.

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What Are Some Fireplace Designs?
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Fireplaces are a part of cottage history and as such are often old-fashioned. The hearth design involves the use of stone to line and enclose the fireplace. It is a showcase of texture, color and design. It can also be useful in contrasting the mantel to give it an exquisite look.

Stand-alone fireplaces are separate from the rooms of a house. They can split dining and sitting areas, kitchens and living rooms, or bedrooms and lounges. The design varies in height, width, texture or material. The fireplaces are both functional and aesthetic.

Traditional fireplaces are the focal point of celebrations and Christmas gifts in stockings. Keeping wood in the house allows firewood mantelpieces to be utilized. Wood, stone and earth were commonly used in historical fireplaces.

Modern fireplaces have borrowed styles from modern culture. Modern designs incorporate tiles, glass and clothing material. The use of fireplaces to host aquariums and televisions reflect the digital world of today. The use of dressers, chalkboards or art to cover the space left by a fireplace also shows the use of a fireplace as outdated. Automatic or electric versions are modern replacements.

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