How Do You Get Help With Fire Alarm Wiring?


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Find tips for wiring fire alarms at Home Depot's fire alarm installation guide. The guide recommends having a professional install fire alarms if you are not comfortable working with electricity. Otherwise, the first steps are to decide on locations for alarms to be installed, and then determine the amount of 14-3 NM-B cable running from the breaker to the alarm. Calculate again for cabling from the first alarm to the last.

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Safety considerations include buying the same type of alarm to make sure they all work together, ensuring that wiring adheres to local electrical codes and making sure that the installation does not exceed a maximum number of connected alarms for the specific make and model. Some tools needed for the job include a power drill, insulated slotted screwdriver, cable clamp with locknut, and wire strippers among other tools.

Some materials needed for fire alarm installation include Romex 14-2 NM-B Cable, Romex 14-3 NM-B Cable, electrical tape and a new circuit breaker if necessary. Consult Home Depot's guide for running electrical wires behind walls to get started. The first part of the project consists of running the Romex 14-2 NM-B Cable from the breaker to the first alarm, then connecting Romex 14-3 NM-B cable to each subsequent alarm.

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