How Do I Finish Unfinished Oak Cabinets?


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Depending on the number of cabinets, finishing your oak cabinets with a wood stain can be done in just a few hours. To complete this project, you need a sander, vacuum, lint-free cloth, stain, bristle or natural brush and protective sealant.

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  1. Sand the wood

    Remove cabinet doors from the hinges, and disassemble, if possible. Use a sander to remove scratches or any pieces sticking out from the cabinet. Use a vacuum with a handheld attachment to eliminate any dirt or wood pieces.

  2. Apply the stain

    Finish the cabinets with a wood stain. Grab the lint-free cloth to work the stain into the crevices of the wood going with the grain. Apply additional coats until it reaches the level of color you want. Wipe the surface between each coat to remove excess stain. Be aware that the color darkens as it dries. If the stain includes a protective sealant, you are ready to install the cabinets once they are dry. If the stain does not include a sealant, proceed to the step three.

  3. Protect your cabinets

    Follow the stain with a protective sealant to prevent damage to your cabinets. Use a brush to apply the sealant. Make sure that the stain is completely dry before applying the sealant. Brush in the same direction as the wood grain. Once dry, the cabinets can be installed.

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