How Do You Finish an Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet?


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To finish an unfinished kitchen cabinet, sand all the surfaces, coat them with some wood conditioner, and leave them to dry. Sand the surfaces again, and get rid of dust using a cloth. Coat the surfaces with stain, applying an even layer. Allow the surfaces to dry for the amount of time indicated by the manufacturer. Apply another coat of stain if you want the surfaces to look darker or to ensure better protection.

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Before starting the project, decide where you are going to do the job, and prepare the area. Make sure that the weather is not going to change if you are working outside, and place something on the floor and other surfaces to protect them if you are working inside. Take drawers and cabinet doors off to gain easy access to all the surfaces of the cabinet.

The purpose of the wood conditioner is to provide a smooth surface for the stain so you can apply it evenly. In addition, it highlights the grain of the wood. Use a foam brush to apply the conditioner, and leave it for at least 15 minutes to dry. Don't be alarmed if the surface of the cabinet seems sandy after the conditioner.

When applying stain to the wood, be careful not to have any drips on the surface, as it is going to be difficult to fix later. If the stain you are using doesn't contain polyurethane, apply at least two coats of urethane onto the cabinet surface after the stain dries.

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