How Do You Finish Hardwood Floors?

How Do You Finish Hardwood Floors?

To finish a hardwood floor, remove the old finish, fill in gouges and choose a finish. Apply the sealer, buff the floor, and add the finish. You need a floor sander, an edge sander, sandpaper and wood putty. Obtain a putty knife, sealer, steel wool, a vacuum and a finish.

  1. Remove the old finish

    Sand the floor in order to remove the old finish. Use a walk-behind floor sander for the bulk of the floor, then sand the edges with the edge sander.

  2. Fill in the gouges

    Use wood putty and a putty knife to fill in any gouges or nicks. Wait for the putty to dry before sanding those particular areas again.

  3. Clean the floor

    Vacuum and wipe up any dust from the sanding.

  4. Choose a finish

    Choose between polyurethane, varnish and penetrating sealer to use as your finish.

  5. Apply the sealer

    Apply the sealer using a sheepskin applicator. Remove any excess sealer. Allow the surface to dry.

  6. Buff the floor

    Use fine steel wool to buff the floor.

  7. Vacuum the floor

    Vacuum the floor after buffing it.

  8. Add the finish

    Add the finish to the floor, applying as many coats as necessary. Do not walk on the floor for at least 24 hours.