How Do You Finish Furniture Using Chalk Paint?


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Finishing furniture with chalk paint can be as easy as wiping down the furniture with a cloth and painting it. Chalk paint usually does not require sanding or any other prepping of the surface.

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Before painting, remove the hardware from your furniture, and use wood putty to fill any gouges of cracks you don't want to be seen in the finished piece. If you prefer a distressed look, you may opt to leave imperfections to add character. Use an inexpensive synthetic paint brush to apply the first coat of paint. If the furniture's original surface is dark, one coat may not be enough. If so, after the first coat dries for about 30 minutes, apply a second coat.

When dry, use fine sand paper to lightly remove any drips or brush marks. For a distressed look, hit a few edges of the piece with sandpaper to expose some bare wood. Your piece can then be waxed or sealed with polyurethane. Once the sealant dries, reattach the hardware.

Because chalk paint sticks so well to old paint, stained or varnished surfaces, it can easily bring old furniture pieces back to life or simply change the color of a piece to fit your decor. When in doubt about whether chalk paint can adhere to a surface, do a test in a small area. The paint dries quickly and soon lets you know how well it performs on a particular piece.

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