How Do I Finish a Bonus Room?


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Your bonus room requires enough natural light within its socialization spot to attract visitors, but the biggest challenge for most bonus rooms is preventing the entry of moisture. It is prudent to check for moisture and seal all entry points. Cover all sides of any insulation to maximize the functioning of the air conditioning system.

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How Do I Finish a Bonus Room?
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  1. Locate the main socialization area in a well-illuminated spot

    The main socialization area of your bonus room requires enough light to attract people. Try to find a spot that receives natural light. If the room is not well connected to natural light, choose appropriate artificial lighting.

  2. Test for moisture

    Test the amount of moisture in your bonus room by taping squares of plastic sheeting onto on the walls and floor. Check the plastic sheets after four weeks to see if condensation has formed underneath. Any trace of condensation means that your foundation is not sealed properly. Dehumidify your basement if you see any droplets on top of the plastic sheets.

  3. Encapsulate the insulation

    Insulation works best when it is covered on all sides. In a standard exterior wall, the insulation must touch all six surfaces. Any exposure of the insulation allows free circulation of air in the gap between the insulation and the drywall. Free circulation of cold air will affect the air conditioning system of your bonus room.

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