How Do You Finish a Basement?


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The steps to finish a basement start with inspiration and plans. After the basement design is finalized, permits should be obtained from the city building department. Next, remove any mold, and waterproof the basement to prevent future mold growth. Complete any repairs to the basement structure before moving on to the building steps.

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After the preparation work is the framing step. This is where the first real step of finishing a basement. Measure, cut and mark the studs. There are two options for this step: frame the wall in place or frame the wall on the ground and then lift it into place, and then secure the frames in place.

After the framing is finished, rough in the plumbing and complete bathroom preparations. This includes ensuring pipes are in the right places for a toilet, shower and tub as well as installing the bathroom fan. If a rough in already exists, a new one should be completed only if you wish to move the location of the rough in.

Next is electrical wiring. Either run the electrical power from the existing subpanel in the house or install a new one.

Drywall is the next step after the bones of the basement are in place. This step involves first hanging the drywall and then applying tape and mud. Finish the woodwork including moldings and adding doors, and then follow with paint, stain and floors.

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