How Is the Filter Replaced on an Armstrong Air Conditioner?


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An individual can easily change the filter on an air conditioning unit by purchasing a compatible replacement filter and locating the filter chamber on the model of the unit. The power should be turned off when removing and replacing the old filter.

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The replacement must be compatible with the design, size and capacity of the installed filter and model of air conditioner. A variety of filters are designed specifically for controlling certain air contaminants, such as dust mites, mold and virus.

The filter placement varies slightly depending on the model, but is generally found near the unit's return air duct, which is the duct pulling air in from the house. When removing the old filter, it is best to use a cloth or paper towel to help clean and contain the dust and pollutants in the unit and on the old filter. The new filter should be placed snugly into the unit according to the directional arrows.

Changing the filter regularly helps to maintain system performance and energy efficiency, and should be performed every one to three months, depending on how often the unit is used and the environment it's placed in. Additional air contaminants such as cigarette smoke and pet dander causes a filter to fill up faster and require replacement more frequently. Armstrong Air's website offers a filter change reminder to product owners by email.

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