How Do You Fill Torch Lighters?

How Do You Fill Torch Lighters?

To fill a torch lighter, locate the refill nozzle, drain the existing fuel, shut off fuel flow and refill using a fuel refill can. Allow the lighter to rest before adjusting the flame to the desired height.

  1. Locate the refill nozzle

    Locate the refill nozzle, which is usually at the bottom of the lighter. The flame adjustment screw should be at the opposite end of the refill nozzle.

  2. Drain the remaining fuel

    Use a small screwdriver or pen to depress the fuel nozzle, so as to empty the remaining fuel. Ensure that the refill nozzle is pointing downwards for efficient draining.

  3. Cut off the fuel flow

    Look out for the "+" and "–" signs near the fuel adjustment screw. Turn the screw all the way towards the "–" sign to cut off the fuel flow.

  4. Refill the lighter

    Use a fuel refill can to refill the lighter. Turn the lighter up-side-down, and press the can straight down into the refill nozzle. Hold the can in position for about 15 seconds, and avoid pumping the fuel into the lighter.

  5. Let the lighter rest

    Wait a few minutes or until the lighter reaches room temperature. Wrap your hands around the lighter to speed up the process.

  6. Adjust the flame height

    Adjust the desired flame height by turning the flame adjustment screw toward the "+" sign. Start with a half turn, and light the lighter. Continue turning the screw slightly until the desired flame height is achieved.