How Do You Fill a Paper Towel Dispenser?


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Filling a paper towel dispenser is a relatively simple process, with some units calling for a refill from a horizontal spool while others require a vertically oriented spool. The method used varies depending on the manufacturer and style of the unit. Kimberly-Clark and Georgia-Pacific are two leading manufacturers of paper towel dispensers; they use different methods to refill their models.

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Many Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispensers use vertically oriented spools of towels. For many models such as the KCC09989 Roll Control C-pull dispenser, the front of the unit opens like a door. The paper towel spool is mounted on a central spindle and then a single towel is routed through an opening in the bottom of the unit to ease the first use of the roll.

Georgia-Pacific's line of enMotion® automated towel dispensers uses horizontally mounted spools of towels. To fill the units, paper must be loaded with towels folding over the spool's front support bar and then tucked behind a transfer bar. This allows the paper towel to feed through an opening in the bottom of the unit, dispensing towels as they are needed. This unit can accommodate two spools of towels at a time, so when the first spool is empty, the second can be lowered into place for a quick deployment.

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