How Do You Fill a Masterbuilt Smoker?

Turn the wood chip loader clockwise to unload 0.5 cup of wood chips into the wood chip tray. When the wood chips burn all the way, replace them with another 0.5 cup of wood chips. Load food evenly, and leave enough space between racks for proper heat circulation.

  1. Load wood chips

    Put no more than 0.5 cup of wood chips in the cylindrical wood chip loader. Wood chips should be even with the top rim of the loader. Turn the handle counter-clockwise after dropping chips in the tray, and leave the loader in place during the smoking process. Keep the smoker door closed during wood chip loading.

  2. Preheat the smoker

    Preheat the smoker for 30 to 45 minutes before adding food. The smoker has a maximum temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Add food

    Distribute food evenly across as many racks as needed. Do not make food too tall, and do not put food too close to the sides of the smoker. Overloading food prevents the even distribution of heat.

  4. Reload wood chips

    Add more wood chips when the previous batch has completely burned in the tray. Monitor the wood chip level by pulling out the loader and looking into the hole. When the tray is empty, load another 0.5 cup of wood chips.