How Do You Fill a Carbon Dioxide Tank by Yourself?


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To fill a carbon dioxide tank by yourself, use an air compressor, connect its hose to the tank via the appropriate fitting, switch on the compressor and fill the tank with air for the required amount of time. Finally, switch off the compressor, bleed its lines and disconnect it from the tank.

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Begin filling a carbon dioxide tank by connecting a carbon dioxide fitting to the hose fitting of an air compressor. Connect the carbon dioxide fitting's other end to the carbon dioxide tank by screwing it tightly. Then, undo the screw of the bleed-off valve located over the fitting to remove any air from the tank.

To know how long to keep the compressor running, determine the tank's size in ounces, and multiply it by a factor of two. This is the time period, in seconds, for which the compressor should be switched on. Accordingly, switch on the compressor, and take note of the time using a watch. Avoid overfilling the tank, as this may blow up its blast disc.

Run the unit for the required time period, and switch it off. Undo the bleed-off valve for a couple of seconds to prevent any accumulation in the lines, and ensure that the valve of the tank is closed tightly. Finally, undo the compressor hose screw to detach it from the tank.

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