How Do You Fill a Butane Lighter?


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To refill a butane lighter, first reset the flame intensity. Next, remove excess air from the fuel tank. Finally, fill the lighter using a butane gas refill can.

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  1. Reset the flame intensity

    Reset the flame intensity by turning the flame height adjuster to its lowest setting. This is located at the bottom of the lighter. Use a small, flathead screwdriver to turn the flame adjustment valve. Look out for the positive and negative signs.

  2. Remove excess air from the fuel tank

    Use a small screwdriver to press the refill inlet valve to remove excess air. Keep pressing the valve until the hissing sound stops. Be sure to keep the lighter away from your face when taking the air out. Excess air in the fuel tank causes problems when refilling.

  3. Fill the lighter with butane gas

    Shake the butane gas refill can, and then place the stem of the can directly onto the lighter’s inlet valve. Press down to begin the refill process. Ensure that the stem fits snugly onto the valve to prevent gas from escaping. Keep pressing for about 10 seconds. Wait two to three minutes before attempting to fire the lighter.

  4. Turn the flame light adjuster

    Turn the flame light adjuster one-quarter turn, in the direction indicated by the "+" sign. Ignite the lighter, and repeat the process until you achieve the desired flame height.

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