How Do You Figure Costs for Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving costs are primarily determined by local conditions, such as climate and weather, as well as by the size of the area being covered. For a rough estimate, measure the plot size in square feet, then multiply the result by the cost of the asphalt per square foot of coverage. Add the cost of local labor for the installation, which is determined by multiplying hourly wage by paving time.

The Home Adviser site reports that the average cost to homeowners nationally for asphalt paving installation is $5,274 as of 2014, based on reported user data. This cost can vary greatly though, with a minimum cost of $1,723 and a maximum cost of $8,213. The reported costs are based on having a contractor complete the job. The installation price can be significantly lowered if the homeowner opts for a DIY approach, completing the project without a contractor. Prices can also be lowered by repairing an existing asphalt surface rather than having to replace a surface or having to install a entirely new asphalt surface. Existing asphalt surfaces require complete replacement if the pavement has deteriorated, the surface no longer drains properly or the gravel base beneath the pavement shows signs of failure.